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New Roads International, LLC completely values the privacy of its online visitors are we are committed to keep the visitor detail intact. We work with secrecy and no visitor will be forced to give his or her information forcefully, but only voluntarily. Our Web site collects non-individual data from online visitors keeping in mind the end goal to track the quantity of visitors to the website and distinguish Internet data. This data helps in improving the flexibility and quality of our website. The data collected will be processed using Google Analytics. However, visitors have complete rights to object collecting personal data for Google Analytics. Any online visitor can visit our site and browse through every section without giving any form of identification data. There is no restriction for any visitor from any country to access our site and browse through the content.

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Provide customs and logistics services of the highest quality

Provide customs and logistics services of the highest quality and ethical values in Mexico, with the ultimate goal of selflessly serving our customers and colleagues through our invaluable human resources and continuous innovation culture.

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Murugesh Padmanabhan
Country Head - Operations
New Roads International
Doha, Qatar
Fax : +91 974 44366673

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