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New Roads International offers a door to door hassle free chartering experience to our clients. We charter for routes that are not usually covered by liner-service companies, and also for items that would normally not be transported as containerized or conventional cargo on a liner vessel.
Over the years, we have provided charters to different corners of the world. Whether your cargo requires Air or Ocean transport, we will customize a plan specific to your needs and through our global agent network we can manage shipments from all origins going to all destinations.

  • Scanning the market to generate the ideal match between cargo and vessel/aircraft
  • Estimation of transit
  • Offering charters on basis of voyage, period and C.O.A.
  • Monitoring the vessel/aircraft for compliance to charter party requirements
  • Handling full post-fixture and account tracking
  • Demurrage/Detention dispatch calculations
  • Analysis of the full transit results
  • Up to date market intelligence including port information
  • Air freight/Ocean freight feasibility studies
  • Commercial management of carrier and cargo
  • Forward freight cover in single shipments and contracts
  • Air and Ship chartering from any port
  • Multimodal chartering
  • Door to Door service

Ocean Charter: We offer specialised project and charter (full, part or timed) services. We have a strong relations with chattering agents and owners who are able to offer part and full charter options. Vessels may be chartered on voyage or timed charter basis..
Air Charter: Our reliable agents and owners from the Air charter industry offer charter solutions for:

  • Heavy and outsize cargo
  • Oil, gas and mining equipment
  • Automotive cargo
  • Situations such as Aircraft on ground

We will quickly and efficiently assess routes, payload and timescale in order to suggest the most suitable aircraft for your requirements. We will also identify the most suitable airfields to minimise surface transfers and secure handling equipment. New Roads International also offers the full aircraft chartering service and includes both loading and discharging supervision, complete with door to door delivery.
Customs documentation and special packing requirements are all managed by our experienced staff. On-site surveys are carried out along with 3rd party surveys and reports for insurance purposes. It is also part of our services to offer insure cargo on your behalf.

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Provide customs and logistics services of the highest quality

Provide customs and logistics services of the highest quality and ethical values in Mexico, with the ultimate goal of selflessly serving our customers and colleagues through our invaluable human resources and continuous innovation culture.

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